Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Reader

Aargh, I forgot about blogging yesterday - I was too busy getting in internet arguments about violent resistance. Don't start with me either, because I will throw bricks through your windows! Anyway, here's what I've been reading this week:

It's all about the G8 maternal health stuff this week: the media won't let the abortion question die. And neither will the public. There have been several polls done, all indicating that the majority of Canadians favour international access to safe abortion.

More groups and organizations called for a comprehensive maternal health plan, as did former Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Protesters at the G8/G20 demanded rights for women and girls. Quebec unanimously passed a motion calling for the right to free access to abortion, and everyone from Vicki Saporta (of NAF) to the Abortioneers weighed in on the maternal health initiative.

Things have not been looking great for Stephen Harper. But it's possible he will come out smelling like roses in the end.

What have you all been reading?

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Anonymous said...

That Quebec article is great. I love how the PMO expects the opposition parties to just do as Harper wishes; as if it isn't their job to question him at every turn! I am glad the opposition won't take no for an answer. Also, I love Quebec. I retract all the mean things I've ever said. They are awesome. Thanks for the articles.