Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekly Reader

Ok friends, time for ye olde round-up.

The awesome feminists of the Abortion Caravan are worried about the state of reproductive rights in Canada right now. Great article, but the last quote made me want to scream.

A letter in our local paper in support of abortion access.

Canada is ready to spend $1 billion on maternal health internationally.

My hero, Jessica Yee, on reproductive justice for Aboriginal women.

Something that pro-choice activists have been saying for years is suddenly a revolutionary idea when it comes from Catholic men.

Margaret Somerville continues to annoy me.

An anti-abortion activist fails to get bail.

Yet another opinion piece supporting the inclusion of abortion in the maternal health package. Oh, and apparently now we're supposed to care what Christy Turlington Burns thinks about maternal health.

International news: Women in north Italy will be paid to NOT have abortions.

Two awesome things: the SOGC has launched a new online and mobile app that helps you determine if you are pregnant; and, you should donate to Trust Women PAC to help protect abortion providers.

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