Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who Jesus Loves

I didn't blog last week. I don't even have an excuse, I've just been too hot. I've mostly been surviving on popsicles and the fact that the clinic is air-conditioned. I would sleep here if there were popsicles.

So I missed a classic opportunity to shamelessly self-promote, but here it is: go check out the piece I wrote for Feminists For Choice.

Also, while I'm dishing out the news, I hope you've all seen this. It seems the province of New Brunswick, in perhaps the only good decision they've ever made about anything, are not going to appeal the decision to give Dr. Morgentaler standing to sue. So, on to the trial (at some point). Discuss.

Clinic the last two weeks has been as interesting as ever. This week one of the protesters was taking pictures of the escorts, so look for some familiar faces on the cover of Evil Baby-Killers Monthly. Last week Lady in Red asked a couple escorts if they had ever seen pictures of "aborted babies" on the internet. To which EN replied that yes, they sure do have a lot of crazy things on that internet.

This week there was a lot of reassuring us that Jesus loves us. One of them told TO this as she was leaving, to which she replied that yes, she knew, being a Catholic. Well, you know that confuses them. When they tried to tell AD that Jesus loves her, she replied with what they described as an "evil cackle". Excellent. I seem to be the only one Jesus doesn't love, however. As I was unlocking my bike to leave, I heard Monochrome tell a departing couple that Jesus loved them. But when I rode by her (slowly) a couple seconds later, she just glared. I guess the big guy in the sky finally gave up on me, which is kind of a relief.

It's that time of year when things switch over - I have a couple escorts leaving, a couple returning. I guess I should enjoy this horrific, sweltering weather while I can, since soon it will be time to start complaining about the cold again.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus is a pretty cool guy... it's some of his followers who annoy the crap out of me