Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sticky Times

Ok friends, the weather is finally taking a turn for the INCREDIBLY HOT AND STICKY. But sometimes it's lovely. Tuesday's clinic was fine, all our favourites were out in full force. Just in time to greet my partner, EN, who just got back from a sojourn to the south and is volunteering until school starts again. When the two of us arrived at the clinic at around 7:15am we were greeted by the sight of the Lady in Red. Perhaps her fake baby had trouble sleeping, because it was out there with her with the usual sign around its neck.

Heavens. Not TOO much madness, although one of the protesters did ask an escort what happens to the "babies" after the abortion. He replied that it doesn't matter, or something like that. And then the protester came up later and asked WHY it didn't matter, at which point the "do not engage" rule conveniently kicked in. Seriously, do these people really think the volunteers want to have a discussion with them about abortion? Could that really end well? For those who want to know, and to satisfy our next-door neighbours' curiousity (and to keep them out of our dumpster), medical waste is disposed of by professionals. It is taken away from our clinic by said professionals and most likely incinerated at a facility specifically designed for such. Please feel free to draw ridiculous parallels to the Holocaust (there, I Godwinned for you, so you don't have to).

We've started a few new volunteers lately, which is excellent. We are drawing upon the beginning of the school year, when the inevitable switch-over happens and a bunch of people leave, while a bunch more people return. Excitement is in the air.

Still working on my guest post for Feminists for Choice - I promise I haven't forgotten. I'm also halfway through an article for the ARCC newsletter; just one of those months when I pile up stuff to do and then buy a Harry Potter videogame and ignore my responsibilities. Overwhelmed as usual.

On a happier note, buy some buttons!


Anonymous said...

"medical waste is disposed of by professionals"

keep lying to yourself, what you are involved with is nothing less than satanic.

Leave, get out of that business while there is still time.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Regardless of your moral stance on abortion, stating that the 'medical waste is disposed of by professionals' is not lying. Rather, is a fact.


Who you gonna call? said...

Pray tell what do you think they do with the aborted fetuses?

It's obvious that they would have to dispose of them safely and in a sanitary manner. There are most likely laws requiring such.

Why would they have to ask what happens? Don't they have that lovely sign.

Hope it isn't too hot tomorrow for your escorts.