Thursday, July 2, 2009

Storm's a-brewin'

Tuesday's clinic was in keeping with the tone lately: the weather was gloomy, and the protesters were out in full force. And I mean full force. Earpiece Charlie was back for the first time in AGES - maybe like a year. Lady in Red was carrying a baby doll with a sign around its neck; I couldn't read the sign but I can guess what it said.

SL had to go out a couple times and give out letters telling the protesters to stop staring in our windows. That really gets me; at how many other jobs would people be expected to put up with people staring in their office windows? It is harrassment, plain and simple. I always wonder about protesters who are still convinced they are out there to help people. How can they be so deluded?

SL also called the cops at one point. They came, and the officer just parked his car in the lane and sat and watched them. It was excellent to have him there, I have to say. Suzie Ryan was out with her big fetus sign, and she stayed after the escorts left, even after all the other protesters had gone in. But the cop stayed as long as she did, which was excellent. It's good not to bother the police too often, but it's also good that the protesters know that we're not afraid to call them.

I had a couple friends visiting briefly - two top-notch feminist pro-choice activist types. I convinced them to extend their stay to Tuesday so they could check out the gong show in front of the clinic. They even went into the Mother and Child Welcome House! I have yet to hear the details of how that went, but it was fun to see the reaction when they went next door; the whole place was abuzz and a bunch of the protesters went in to talk to them - including Crazy Legs and the Mad Chatter. See, we can be sneaky too - take that, Lila Rose.

There was some graffiti on the clinic last week, but it was very small and faint and it's hard to get upset about someone who can't even spell "murder" correctly. Just sayin'.

I have to say, shout out to our awesome volunteers. Clinic escorts are heroes. You guys put up with so much crap, and you are always decent about it. I don't know if you realize how much the patients and the staff appreciate your presence. Thank you.


Unknown said...

I'd like to join you in thanking the escorts. You guys are amazing. You don't get to hear all the great things the patients/friends/family say about you.
Thanks for what you do.
People feel so much better just knowing you all are out there.

Anonymous said...

I am very thankful to live in an area where escorts are not needed. The one time we had a large group of forced-birth advocates protesting (at only one Planned Parenthood out of several state-wide) most people had the mindset of, "Really? You do know what state you're in, right?"

Anonymous said...

killing unborn children..what a job to have.

Anonymous said...

blog again plz :)

Kingy said...

Hey, there's another blog (in this crazy blog universe) that details the adventures of the protestors. Check it out:

E said...

I couldn't read the sign but I can guess what it said.

IIRC it says "Mommy Please Let Me Live."

E said...

Oh, P.S., it does say "Mom, please let me live":

miohippus said...

Here's another volunteer clinic escort blogging the activities of protesters;