Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Pedge Returns

Hello friends. I am well aware that I haven't blogged for a couple weeks. It is because I have been having an AWESOME TIME on VACATION!

I'm back now, however, and while I am still sort of getting back on track with life in general, I will be blogging again soon (probably this week). There's no clinic today, but I'm sure I have lots of news to catch up on in the world of abortion. And I have some choice-related stuff to share. And I know that last week's clinic was a doozy, so if any escorts care to share anything in comments, that would be awesome.

So yeah. I'm back.


Amy O said...

You should get one of your escorts to post a guest blog about last week.

CO said...

I heard there was some police involvement

croghan27 said...

Now that you are back - the first order of the day is pictures .... pictures of the beach, mountains or whatever .... vacation pictures are important!