Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've Got to Admit, It's Getting Better

Ohhhh yes. Sorry I didn't blog last week. I actually meant to, even though there wasn't a clinic, but I just never got to it. It was March Break (or Reading Week or whatever) last week, but not being a student, this meant little to me. I was here a lot, working. And I was doing a lot of gumboot dance practice. But that's a whole other story.

The protesters were just crazy yesterday. Spring is in the air, I suppose. It's hard to know when they are going to suddenly be very aggressive, so we just have to be consistent and do the best we can. Our escorts were wonderful of course, and handled the situation with class. It can be pretty stressful out there with those jackasses yelling at women. And crying and praying and gnashing their teeth, etc.

I am in good spirits today because I just interviewed a new escort, and also because the Chatelaine article I was interviewed for FINALLY came out! Check it out.

I am super stoked! Publicity is always good, because people really need to know what's going on in New Brunswick. And I am so honoured to be featured with some of my best colleagues and biggest heroes in pro-choice activism; Jessica Yee, Patricia LaRue, Jessica Shaw, and others. SO AWESOME.

I was at a potluck brunch for International Women's Day this weekend, which was very heartening as there was a great turnout. I learned about some very cool groups including Birth Matters, which is a group advocating for midwifery in New Brunswick. You should definitely check them out. I was there on behalf of ARCC but also repping the NB Rebelles, as always. I met some very cool ladies (and dudes) and I got a "gig" out of it; I'm being interviewed for the CHSR FM show Barely Legal. I'll let you know when it airs; you can listen online!

So, lots of good news. Thanks JJ for sending the high-fives my way. :)


Anonymous said...

It's a 40-day organized campaign of harassment against choice, in observance of Lent.

It's happening at other clinics across Canada too.

Unknown said...

I had an abortion 13 years ago. It probably saved my life. I now have a wonderful husband and 2 little boys that I adore and a very fulfilling job after receiving my education. That would not have happened had I had a child as a teenager. The cycle of my family would have continued.

If you ever doubt for a second what you are doing, don't. You are saving lives!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Birth Matters is a great group and has had an impact on moving the New Brunswick government toward funding midwifery services. I used to be a member (mainly I took the minutes), but I noticed a dearth of "pro-lifers" in this group. That figures. In any case, maternity care in NB is below national standards and deserves attention!

Beijing York said...

Congratulations on getting mainstream, national coverage! Amazing work, amazing site, amazing woman!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the article! It was great, and gave a good perspective on what NB women have to go through when seeking a safe abortion.

E said...

Ooo, great article! I wish they'd left out the thing about Pro-Woman Pro-Life, though -- PWPL is straight up right-wing white supremacist conservative, nothing novel about it.

Anonymous said...

I read the article the other day when my Chatelaine came in the mail, and it was great to read about your work in a magazine like that. The article was very well done and I think the writer was extremely sensitive to both sides (while focusing a bit more on your side of things).

Congratulations, and I hope you keep up the amazing work you're done -- and continue writing about it, of course!

Unknown said...

Hey Pedge,
Have you seen this little gem? It's called 40 days for life, an international prayer vigil

apparently clinics are being called abortion mills... that's a new one to me

Anonymous said...

Thanks Terri - I particularly love their video, which starts off by twisting a quote from Elie Wiesel. Classy.
And I assume that because Fredericton isn't an official participant, they aren't worried about the whole "peaceful vigil" bit.

BoyWonder said...

I just google you after reading that article in Chatelain! Your brilliant and brave!

Anonymous said...

The anti-abortion press is representing the 40-day vigil as incredibly successful and important, an exaggeration as usual. Reports from Ottawa indicate little participation. I have been looking for these "prayers" in Edmonton, and have not seen a single one (though there might actually be some across from the clinic once in a while). This "fabulous event" is getting no real press here in the prairies and is having no political or social impact, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I see:

"New Brunswick pays for abortions only if done in a hospital by an OB/GYN and before 12 weeks – and then only if the woman first gets permission from two doctors. Unlike abortions at clinics in other provinces, those at Morgentaler’s facility in New Brunswick are not publicly funded."

Has there been any progress in bringing NB up to modern Canadian thought on this. I have written the government (several times) encouraging them adopt civilized policies toward abortion and Medicare in general - but have received no feedback.