Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kind of a Downer

Hi friends. Yesterday's clinic was a bit crazy. It gets like that here sometimes. I don't mean that in the sense of how busy it was (or wasn't, or whatever), but more in the sense of there being something in the air.

I think it's the weather. We had a huge snow storm at the end of the weekend, and woke up on Monday to what some would call a winter wonderland. And by some, I mean naive assholes who don't have to live in this ridiculous climate. SERIOUSLY! There was a lot of snow. By yesterday (Tuesday) things were back on track in terms of school being back open, and resteraunts and banks and so on. The snow doesn't just disappear though. It's all piled in snowbanks that go over my head - you can't see around them, making walking and driving a big ol' pain in the ass.

That was just my little complain-y bit for the day. As always, things were worse for the escorts; there were very few places they could stand outside to make themselves visible to patients. Also, the sidewalk on Brunswick Street wasn't plowed, so a few of the more heroic escorts shovelled a little path to the front door of the clinic. I don't know if you've ever shovelled a path through a seven-foot-tall snowbank (I haven't). It didn't look like fun.

At least the protesters had nowhere to walk.

So yeah, it was a little crazy. Nothing drastic, just the kind of things that make you think there must be something in the air. I feel like that in February, a lot. Like I really can't wait for the stupid winter to be over, and I might stab someone with a pair of scissors if it doesn't end soon. Presumably this is why March Break was invented, right? Too bad I'm stuck here in snowsville.

I'm thinking we can probably look forward to another big flood this year.


Amy O said...

we should go sliding or something

Unknown said...

re: scissors - I just read this:

Unknown said...

Sliding sounds like FUN!

JJ said...

Hey pedgehog!

I just read an article that mentioned your blog by name -- congrats! Do you mind if I post about it?


The Pedgehog said...

Yeah yeah! Any publicity is good publicity! :)

Thanks JJ!

Sorry to everyone that I haven't blogged for a while - I will get on it in the next couple days.

sassy said...

high five from a reader over at JJ's.

Seth said...

Don't you stab somebody with scissors every time you perform an abortion?