Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Protecting teh Babiezz

Just to keep you all posted, the flood is over (at least in Fredericton), but I am still not back in my apartment. There is still water in the basement - they've turned the power back on, but not the hot water as of yet. Even when they do I might have to stay away for a while longer until they get the basement cleaned up, because it's going to be moldy, and I really would enjoy never having another bronchial spasm.

So I'm at my parents' place for the time being, which is fine, although I miss having my cats and partner around. Could be worse.

There was no clinic today; just cleaning up a little after the flood.

Tomorrow is the annual March for Life at the Legislature. It starts at 12:30, if you'd like to go down and have a peek. And just so that's not the scariest thing you see this week, check this out. That's right, you murdering whores - birth control kills babies.

Some days I despair for the world.

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