Friday, May 23, 2008

Old and New Faces

I know, I haven't blogged. I'm sorry.

It's been a big week. I was in Nova Scotia this weekend - saw Leonard Cohen in Halifax....AMAZING. Everything I was hoping for and more. I cried and cried, it was pretty appalling. Good times.

After that we were in LaHave (well, just outside of it) for a memorial for my recently deceased Great-Uncle Eric. I also just heard that my good friends ET and WJ, who live out in BC, have given birth to their first child. It's a boy! And so, to wax philosophical, the wheel of life turns.

Tuesday's clinic was fine. The protesters have a new sign, a lovely picture of the Virgin Mary. Also, Glare-y Mary made her triumphant return to the protesting circuit. They're just bringing back all the old favourites for summer! So exciting. We're making a few changes ourselves; losing some escorts, gaining some new ones. Spring is in the air!

Just an added tidbit, when EN was coming back from the bakery, Glare-y Mary said over him to another protester (but obviously directed at EN), "We've already won". This makes me laugh. Mostly because people are still having legal abortions, so clearly they haven't won. I just love Glare-y Mary. I want to take her out for tea.

Clearly I don't have much to write about, but there was some grumbling among the regulars so I thought I would at least make an appearance. I promise I will try harder next week. :)

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