Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Some Days it's Hard to Think of a Title

Back outside today! Man is it getting cold. Almost time for toe-warmers *excitement*. I wonder if the protesters have toe warmers.

Lots of stuff to write about today. Mr. Mumbles was talking about the end times in his prayers; he actually used the words "wailing and gnashing of teeth". Apparently it's going to be "a horrible time". Personally I'm looking forward to these losers getting raptured up so women can get their abortions in peace.

Hero of the day: a woman (let's call her KH) pulled up out back and rolled down her window. I was a little confused because it was just her in the car, and patients aren't allowed to drive themselves. But she just wanted to know where she could park for a few minutes so she could go talk to the protesters, because she was "sick and tired" of seeing them every week. So we let her park in the clinic parking lot, and she marched right out front and up to one of the Anger Twins. I couldn't hear much of what she was saying because I was out back, but she eventually started to raise her voice and the gist of it seemed to be that women coming in were faced with a difficult decision and the protesters were just making it harder, and that they must think women were stupid, and they had no right to pass judgement, and essentially everything that we would say if we were allowed to engage with the protesters. It was amazing. I applaud your courage, KH. You are an awesome feminist and an example to the rest of us.

So yeah, that was pretty cool. The Anger Twin was without his other twin today, but he did get to hold the big sign depicting a fetus in the womb. He was really aggressive with it too. I feel like maybe he put in a certain amount of protesting hours and thus graduated to the big sign. Congratulations Anger Twin!

Father Grim was not out this week. :(

The protesters are always tricking us into engaging by saying good morning. They are a crafty bunch (okay I know they're not really trying to trick us, they are probably just trying to be nice people). When someone says good morning to me, I sort of automatically respond in kind, without thinking. Then I feel gross for talking to them. Then I feel like an idiot for having to think about acting like a decent human being. It's funny because some of the escorts feel the same, and others won't respond on principle. Some days the escorts' reactions to the protesters are as interesting as the protesters themselves.

For those of you who felt there was more crazy in the air than usual this past weekend, it was because of the Life Chain on Sunday. It basically involved the anti-choicers holding their signs in a big line along the road in two locations: downtown on Regent Street at the corner of Brunswick, and uptown on Regent by the hospital. I went and checked out the downtown one, but it was pretty boring. They didn't leave any roses or other crap around the clinic, which is always a win.


E said...

The Bible says there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth, and then God is going to deal with all of these non-Christians, God is going to deal with them.

I think he should have used a pithier expression than "non-Christians," myself.

Amy O said...

It's supposed to be 18 tomorrow and 21 on Friday!

Don't get out the toe warmers yet and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I saw the life chain....I was driving home from the mall with my mom and I made her slow down so I cold roll down my window and yell at them as we can never do it on Tuesdays.It Felt Awesome!!!!!!!!