Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Returns and Retreats

Once again, a fairly uneventful Tuesday morning. Crazy Legs wasn't even out, which was a disappointment because now I have escorts requesting the second shift just so they can see her in all her glory. Where were you, Crazy Legs? Please come back to us!

It is becoming apparent that Peter Ryan might be back into the protesting swing of things. He has been progressively more visible over the past couple weeks, emerging from the house at the slightest hint of an incident to speak reassuring words to his troops. Yesterday he was out almost all morning, walking up and down. No sign, and I didn't see his legendary plastic "fetus" although there are indications that it might be back in play. The problem with Peter Ryan is that he is more aggressive than his male colleagues in terms of actually speaking to the patients. I'm not sure if he caught any going in, but I saw him try to talk to at least two women leaving. Lord knows what he's telling them. As long as he's not whipping that horrible plastic thing out of his pocket. I'm curious to see whether he will become a regular fixture.

It's funny, the way the different protesters deal with women coming out as opposed to women coming in. It's like once they've had the abortion, they (the protesters) don't know if they should condemn them, forgive them, or try to scare them out of having another one. I feel like it's something they haven't discussed at their meetings, so they all take kind of a different approach. Peter Ryan uses his little plastic buddy to try to make them feel guilty. Glare-y Mary doesn't care; she glares at them as they go in, and glares at them as they go out. I think the Holy Ghost is the most interesting, as she seems the most conflicted. As they go in she often tries to "save" them; she tells them there is help for them, that they could have money, etc. and basically tries very hard to get them to go next door. But then when they come out, it's as if she's given up on them, but she has to give it a go for appearances. So she says something like "there's help for you" in her horrible ghostly voice, but then doesn't even wait for a reply. She just turns and keeps walking her vague patrol. WEIRD.

I've found that a lot of people (patients, escorts and staff alike) are really freaked out by the guy with the earpiece. I forget if I've given him a name or not (I really should have a reference list) so I'll just call him Earpiece Charlie. He's a big, bald guy who wears one earpiece. He's probably listening to music but it makes him look like he's in the secret service or something. Anyway he's a big guy and he doesn't look like a lot of fun, and it doesn't help that he usually carries the "Belive the lie and babies die" sign. So people find him intimidating. Which is understandable, but I bet he's just a big teddy bear at heart. I would love to go to a cocktail party with these people some day and see what they're really like. I think it would be fun. Crazy Legs drunk? Watch out!

In other news, God Boy and his mom haven't been back. I hope she's found something more fun and normal for him to do. We're pulling for you, God Boy!

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