Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Anger Twin's Big Day

Back in the trenches this week. Anger Twin #1 was on fire, stirring up all kinds of trouble. I love trying to listen to what the protesters are talking about because I just wonder if they talk about us, or if they discuss their ordinary lives, or whatever. I can't usually hear them though, and I don't want to be completely rude about it. Anyway I heard one conversation while I was out there yesterday - Anger Twin #1 (the more aggressive but less creepy of the two) arguing loudly with one of the MAM (middle aged men). They were talking about what parts of Revelations are symbolic and which parts are literal. I thought it was all symbolic, personally (how much more obvious can you get than the four horsemen named after bad things? Do people really think it'll be guys on horses?) but really, how can some of it be symbolic and some literal? Pick a side, buddy.

The other thing that happened was something I didn't actually witness, but EO told me about it afterwards. I guess there was a guy going into work at the junior high right behind our clinic (we'll call him Teacher Guy), and he knew Anger Twin. Teacher Guy asked Anger Twin what he was up to and Anger Twin pointed out that he was protesting MURDER. Obviously. And Teacher Guy suggested he find something more worthwhile to do with his time. Yes! I hope this makes Teacher Guy rethink that friendship.

We got a new priest today, a fellow wearing socks and sandals and a t-shirt that said something about becoming a saint and the next revolution or something equally zealot-y. So that's a total of three priests today, and at one point they were standing in a clump out back. Clump o' priests.

Crazy Legs was in top form, just like I love her. Chasing down women, crowding them as they tried to get out of their cars, etc. It's nice to be back out escorting, although the weather is starting to get a bit chilly. Soon time for toe warmers. Lovely.

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