Sunday, January 20, 2013

25th Anniversary Reflections (and events!)

January 28th, 2013 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Morgentaler decision. This is an occasion, for some, of pure celebration, but for the rest of us I believe it will be more a time of reflection - on what has been achieved, certainly, but also on what hasn't happened, and on where we go from here. The Canadian movement seriously needs to talk about how the Morgentaler decision - while momentous - was the culmination of a push towards goals that serve only white, urban, middle class cis women and leave the needs of poor, rural, racialized and trans people sorely unmet. We need to move beyond legislation, beyond access, towards justice.

I do think it is important to thank Dr. Morgentaler and the courageous folks who fought beside him, and this is as good a time as any! You can check out the pretty great site ARCC put up to commemorate the anniversary, which allows you to leave a special message of thanks (or whatever) to Dr. Morgentaler. You could also use this occasion as an excuse to check out your local clinic, maybe contact them to see if they need volunteers, or just send a card of thanks and appreciation. Personally I am celebrating by having a new IUD inserted, because I am a festive kind of lady.

In news more on the "reflection and moving forward" side of things, guys, you should all check out Status Quo?: the unfinished business of feminism in Canada. Here is the trailer:

There is going to be a Cinema Politica screening in Toronto on Feb. 5th at the Bloor Cinema - please come if you can! I promise you will love the film, and you'll even get to see me! In the film and also watching the film! Super meta.

In Fredericton, Cinema Politica is screening it on March 1st, so go check it out if you can. If you are not in either of these places, look out for it, because around International Women's Day (March 8) it should be playing in lots of cool places.

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