Friday, January 6, 2012

How to Get an Abortion in New Brunswick

So, as someone who has gained some notoriety for my involvement in New Brunswick abortion politics, I get contacted a lot about, well, that. Sometimes by the media, most often by Masters students, and every now and then by a friend, acquaintance or stranger looking for information on how to get an abortion. So I thought it was about time I put this information out there to the general public in case you don't feel comfortable contacting me in person to ask. Also, I no longer live in New Brunswick - things may change (and may have already). So please feel free to comment with updates, critiques and further advice.

Having an unwanted pregnancy and living in New Brunswick is not the easiest situation to be in. I wish that every person in this situation could feel supported and loved, but that is not the case. So first of all I just want to say: You are not alone. You are not the first or the last person to be facing this situation. There is help and support for you. You have done nothing wrong and deserve compassion and care. You have the right to be safe and to make whatever choice is right for you. Please contact me if you need a compassionate ear or further advice/information at pedgehog[at]gmail[dot]com.

NOTE: This information is for people who have decided they are going to have an abortion. If you are undecided, please see the bottom of the post for some decision-making resources. Do not feel you have to have an abortion if that is not what you want. You have the right to choose whether or not to continue your pregnancy.

***EDITED September 2014 in response to recent closure of the Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic***

More up to date information is here. I STRONGLY encourage you to check out this info put together by Reproductive Justice New Brunswick now that the clinic is closed. CLICK HERE

How to Get an Abortion in New Brunswick:

1. Are you pregnant? Find out! I know it sounds silly, but a lot of people freak out and don't confirm the pregnancy, which can mean a lot of trouble for nothing. If it is possible for you, confirm your pregnancy by a urine test (available over the counter without prescription at any drug store, or grocery store with a pharmacy section), or by a blood or urine test at your doctor's office.

2. How far along are you? If you do not have access to an ultrasound appointment (and most people don't), try counting from the FIRST DAY of your LAST NORMAL PERIOD. If you know this day, use it - it is a much more reliable measure than the day you think you conceived. Trust me, the body works in mysterious ways.

This is where it gets flow chart-y:

3. If you suspect (or have confirmed) that you are past 16 weeks gestation, you need to act fast! Call the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton (contact info at the bottom of the post) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and let them know the situation. Depending on how certain you are of your dates, they may either refer you out of province (probably to Quebec or Ontario) or bring you in for an ultrasound. It is really, really important that you don't lie or stretch the truth to try and get a clinic appointment. They will not perform an abortion if you ultrasound at 16 weeks or over, and you will just waste time in a very time-sensitive situation (not to mention taking up an appointment that could have potentially gone to someone else). The more you are upfront and clear with the clinic, the easier it will be for them to help you.

4. The above is also true if you are close to 16 weeks - I would say anything above 12 weeks is reason to call the clinic right away. You will be too far along for a hospital abortion, so it's important to try to get into the clinic as soon as you can.

5. If you think you are below 12 weeks, you may have a choice in where to go. Let's talk about the clinic vs. the hospital!

CLINIC: The Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton is the only private abortion clinic in the Maritimes. It is licensed, safe, discrete and confidential, and clean, and the staff there is compassionate and professional. Obviously I worked there and am totally biased, but I don't mind saying that it is the gold standard in abortion care, and I stand by that.
PROS: Specialized - it will only be abortion patients; amazing staff and supportive atmosphere; totally confidential; up to 16 weeks gestation.
CONS: Protesters; located in Fredericton (a con if you live elsewhere in the province); the procedure costs $600-$800 and is not covered by Medicare.

HOSPITAL: As far as I know there is only one hospital in NB still performing abortions - possibly two. In order to have a hospital abortion you need to have a referral from two doctors; a GP and an OB/GYN.
PROS: Totally covered by Medicare; easier to be discrete if that is your thing (there are lots of reasons to go to a hospital).
CONS: Only goes up to 12 weeks; much harder to get in (waiting list); NEED TWO REFERRALS; not specialized (ie you might be hanging out in the waiting room with expectant mothers of wanted pregnancies).

6. Let's go to the hospital! First, go to your family doctor and explain the situation. Tell them you are pregnant, you are firm in your decision to terminate the pregnancy, and you require a referral for a hospital abortion (if they are supportive they will usually be able to help you get the second referral as well).
i. Don't have a family doctor/have a horrible anti-choice family doctor? If you are a student, go to the Student Health Centre on campus for a referral.
ii. Not a student? Try calling the Sexual Health Clinic and/or the Morgentaler Clinic for a doctor in your area.
PLEASE NOTE: While if you have a family doctor this IS worth a try, your chances are slim for getting in to the hospital. There are a lot of people trying to do so, and the doctors are turning people away. My advice is to set up a clinic appointment first; then you can call and cancel it if you get into the hospital.

7. Let's go to the clinic! Call the clinic. Have your information ready - demographic info, first day of your last normal period or ultrasound date if possible, height, Medicare number. They only do clinic days one day a week so be prepared to lose a work/school day for this appointment.
i. Don't have any money? Call anyway! It's always possible that you will be able to work something out or get a great resource for financial support; sometimes the clinic can even help you find those resources. It's important to lock an appointment down, though - you can always call and cancel if you change your mind.

ETA: Here it is in flow chart form

Here are some resources for further help:

SEXUAL HEALTH online resource for birth control questions and information on STIs, sexual and reproductive health, health education, etc.

UNBF Student Health Centre
Phone: (506) 453-4837

UNBSJ Student Health Centre
Phone: (506) 648-5656

U de Moncton Student Health Centre
Phone: (506) 858-4007

Mount Allison Student Health Centre
Phone: (506) 364-2163

Fredericton Sexual Health Clinic
Phone: (506) 453-5200

Saint John Sexual Health Centre
Phone: (506) 658-3998

Moncton Sexual Health Centre
Phone: (506) 856-3310


National Abortion Federation hotline: 1-800-772-9100


Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic
Phone: (506) 451-9060

Canadian Federation for Sexual Health
Pregnancy options guide

National Abortion Federation hotline: 1-877-257-0012
Decision making guide

Canadians for Choice
Phone: 1-888-642-2725


Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada

Canadians for Choice


Fredericton Morgentaler Clinic

Phone: (506) 451-9060


Anonymous said...

Why have you made it your life's ambition to take part in the killings of millions of children? I'm willing to place bets that when you have your own child you will soon realize what an absolute fool you have been and how much innocent blood you have on your hands. You should be so ashamed!!!!

Catherine said...

Excellent post. A well informed overview of the key information NB women choosing not to continue a pregnancy need. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I found this very helpful

Anonymous said...

Which hospital is still doing it? I found this info very helpful to me

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simply stopping by to say hi

Anonymous said...

Abortion doesn't make you 'not pregnant', it makes you the mother of a dead baby.
"You shall not murder..." Exodus 20:13

Anonymous said...

I honestly really appreciate the information. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

to the "anti-choice" commenters on here I just have to say that raising a baby in a bad environment, or not even wanting a baby in the first place, is far worst than just ending a pregnancy. It's not murder, the baby isn't even born yet. Seriously, if a mother doesn't even want the child in the first place she'll most likely be a terrible mother. If a teenager gets pregnant the same applies, a 13 year old child won't be a good mother either. Sometimes mothers NEED to get abortions due to a defect of some sort that's hazardous to their health. Unless it's YOU that's in the situation, you don't have a right to judge or shove your opinions down people's throats trying to make them feel bad for not wanting to have a baby.

Concerned Adult said...

All of these anti-choice Bible thumpers seriously need a lesson on what it means to be compassionate, and how to worry about their own lives. Unreal.

Excellent blog, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Why are u reading this if ur so against it, i do have a 7 month old baby, and if i am pregnant right now i will get an abortion because my baby deserves to have me all to herself.. and you dont know the stories of all of those women who gets abortions with the economies now a day its expensive to haave a baby. All im saying is if u dont have something nice to say about people just dont say it at all.

Anonymous said...

If this would be facebook i would "like" ur comment " bible thumpers" i wouldnt of put better than that lol people like them just piss me off. This was a Great blog btw :) a lot of good info.

Anonymous said...

You have no right to say that. Everyone person has a story that is UNKNOWN to you. And if someone feels they cannot raise a child why force that child into a horrible situation. Sometimes its in best interest for the baby to not be braught into the world.

Anonymous said...

You can not get this type of blood thirsty murdering scum to see the light....don't waste your time. The upside is they will likely die off without reproducing and the world will be rid of them and theirs for good. I say let them go long as they pay for the proceedure out of their own pockets- Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...

To the anti-choice people in this comment section: Which is better? A mother absolutely hating her child because she never even wanted it in the first place, neglect and abuse, being placed in foster home after foster home, never really having a happy childhood and living all your life with the constant thought of "even my own mother didn't want me" OR having an abortion while the FOETUS (not baby yet) is so under-developed, it can't think or feel pain, like killing a plant, pretty much. ? It's beyond stupid how you people are trying to make decisions for other people. I don't want children. I feel that as a 21 year old I'm not ready for a child. I see so many single mothers my age, they go out and party, get drunk and barely take care of their children. They're almost all on welfare. A lot of them just have babies to abuse the system to get more money. Sickening. You should all be bitching about people like that instead.

Anonymous said...

My question is simple. Why is are the rights of the unborn child taken away? We all speak of women needing rights but what about the unborn child's rights? Science has proven that the child in the womb is not a blob of tissue but an alive baby. The baby in a woman's womb is special and no matter how unwanted a child is, why do you have a right to kill it. If my two year old girl is getting on my nerves, I can't pull out a rifle and shoot her! So why are you able to kill you child?

Carmel decroz said...

Excellent post.Please provide free pregnancy test

Carmel decroz said...

I believe that a human being deserves something more than being chopped into segments and thrown in the rubbish bin.

Anonymous said...

....Really?...REALLY?!! How dare you FORCE your own religious beliefs down peoples throats! This is supposed to be a place where wemon can come, feel safe and get info that will affect THEIR life, not yours! Bible thumping lunatics like yourselves do no good for anyone that you feel is beneath you. And if I'm not mistaking, that is a sin. If a woman is raped is she supposed to keep the baby? How could you ask anyone to do that? If you really are a good child god, stop passing judgment on your fellow man and mind your own damn business! Stop spreading hate people...its not helping anyone.

Anonymous said...

I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm struggling so bad with the decision to terminate or not.

Alex Abandonato said...

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I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm struggling so bad with the decision about unplanned pregnancy and abortion

Angela Desouz said...

Thanks for this kind of informative post. Its realy helpful. I found another
site which has lot of topic about abortion

Allen Marco said...

In talking about abortion with my friends, colleagues, and others, I frequently get asked, "Is it true women have like ten abortions?" First of all, no. However, about half of abortion patients report having a previous abortion.

Carmel decroz said...

I think there are few abortion alternatives

Allen Marco said...

What is your suggestion for unplanned pregnancy

Jenelia Dcoza said...

abortion laws don't need to change – what needs to change are ways of thinking that value a foetus of one sex over another.

mike magee said...

No child should be brought into an unstable inviorment without the love and attention it deserves.

Emily Lukeman said...

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