Friday, August 5, 2011

Potential New Feature: Book Corner!

My commute to work is about forty-five minutes (one way) - which is below average in Toronto - and so I like to have a little bit of leisure reading to keep my mind occupied. I was relieved recently to have finally finished with a not particularly enjoyable book club mandated read, but unfortunately I can't get back into the good stuff yet: I'm doing a book review.

Yes, I'm reviewing a book for the blog. I get these emails from time to time offering a free copy for review of books with varying tenuous links to the subject matter of the blog. Recently I finally decided to take someone up on the offer. In fact, two someones, although only one of the books has arrived.

I won't say much yet about this particular book, as I'm in the middle of it now and I want to save the good stuff for the review, but let's just say I never realized that reproductive rights could be such a fertile (hur hur) topic for fiction. I am beginning to think maybe there is more out there. This one that I'm reading deals with egg donation, but there must be others, maybe about unwanted pregnancy/abortion, birth control, etc. Could be interesting.

So I think if this goes well, I might make book reviews a semi-regular feature on the blog. Obviously I am not super famous/visible and thus am not getting a lot of these books sent to me, so if people have suggestions for books that I should read, I will gladly hear you out. And probably buy them (or borrow them from the library!). It would be great to know what's out there. All perspectives are welcome, too - this one I'm reading now is definitely Christian and kind of a shit show, but I'm gonna review it anyway!

Let me know in comments of any books you can think of, or email me: Also if you wrote a book, holy crap let me know!

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Suze said...

Have you read "Ourselves Unborn?" It's supposed to present a fairly unbiased view on abortion, "fetal rights," etc. I've been considering buying it for a while (it's not out in paperback yet, so it's a little pricey), but I can't really attest to its merits. I'd like to hear what you think!