Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Reader

Toronto is keeping me very busy, friends! I only have links for you again this week. I will figure this blogging nonsense out soon, I promise. For now, if you really need to read my writing, I currently have a piece up at Abortion Gang. Check it out.

And now, abortion news:

Some bits and pieces about the government and their constant flip-flopping on maternal health.

Joyce Arthur takes on Angus Reid.

A pro-choice comic! Yes!

An enterprising blogger takes on 40 Days for Life.

Stay cool friends.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a link to that comic. I think it's fantastic. It's interesting to see the message of choice conveyed in different mediums. I can read pro-choice blogs all day, but those mostly preach to the converted. Maybe branching out into other means of expression can reach a wider audience that they might understand the issue. (Not that I think comics or anything else will or even should replace writing.)Anyway I thought it was so good I linked to it on my blog too. I'm hoping to see more expression like this in the future.

Thanks also for all the work you do at clinic and with your writings. It means more than you might think. Alone you're a single voice, together we're a choir.

Unknown said... Should you write a little something about this? :)