Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly Reader AND MORE!

Another week of being terribly late to blog! I guess it's harder to blog about the clinic when nothing very exciting happens. Lately I've had a lot of available volunteers, which makes a noticeable difference - the patients are calmer, and the protesters don't try as much funny stuff.

One of the protesters was giving the volunteers an instructional lecture on rosary beads this week, but apparently it was totally good-natured.

Inside, I went to my last ever staff meeting at the clinic. Our wonderful doctor baked me a cake! It's really starting to hit me that I won't be working at the clinic any more; it makes me quite sad. It's been tough at times but all told it is a great job, and I work with some amazing people. And amazing volunteers! I will miss this gang a lot, and I will definitely be out escorting when I come home over Christmas (at least this year - I have no idea what our schedule/financial situation will be after that! Maybe I'll be home so much, you'll all be sick of me!).

I guess I'll even kind of miss the protesters. They have been interesting characters in my life.

I think I'm leaving things in capable hands. There should be someone hired for my job this week, and I know whoever it is will be awesome. And the momentum is with us, even in Fredericton. The other day someone spray-painted "choice" on the CPC again. It warmed my heart.

Here are a few things I've been reading this week:

You can take a free webinar on Emergency Contraception with the ARHP.

Two articles on abortion on TV (specifically Friday Night Lights).

Abortion still happens after 40.

Chasing anti-choicers around town (AB's #streetcornersforchoice project).

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