Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Predictable, and Otherwise

So this week, even though it was crappy rainy cold weather, the protesters were out bright and early with their signs. WHAT IS THEIR GAME??

Not much to report though. One of our volunteers almost tried to escort an 80-year-old woman into the clinic, to everyone's amusement (including, thankfully, the woman and her husband).

We had a couple no-shows. Note to people with appointments at our clinic (or similar): if you have decided not to come, no worries, but PLEASE CALL so we can give your appointment to someone else! There are usually women who would love to come a week earlier, and we could give them those time slots if we knew they were available.

So, you may have noticed that my post is up at Abortion Gang. I am very, very excited about Abortion Gang, you guys. Since I joined Twitter I have been noticing a very awesome international (but mostly North American) community of abortion providers, volunteers and activists and it excites me to no end that we are so connected. I mean, aside from being very passionate and good at their jobs, the people I'm meeting are also just genuinely nice. Making friends, woot woot! That is no small thing in this world.

And on another note, oh hey, remember that time Stephen Harper was all like, ladies of the world, I want to help you out! Well, he was lying. Or maybe he was telling the truth, but doesn't realize that contraception SURE AS HELL impacts maternal health, and the rest of the government is also too stupid to know this. And by "rest of the government", I mean the rest of the Conservatives and a bunch of Liberals, too. Sometimes I really despair of the whole process. Not that I thought any good could possibly come of this (it seemed quite clear from the start that Harper was only trying to distract from budget cuts to anything useful to Canadian women), but really: do these people even know any women? Do they know the basics of reproduction, pregnancy, childrearing?

If I had a bunch of money, I would send a copy of Michelle Goldberg's 'The Means of Reproduction' to every motherfucker who voted against this initiative. For real.

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placenta sandwich said...

ooh, I love that book! Although I was slightly jealous because that's totally what I always planned to write a master's thesis on, and she beat me to it! But anyway, you bring up a good point: I wonder if she'd do a mass-order discount, or donate some volumes, so we could actually do something like that where we felt it might be helpful. And while I'm dreaming, I'd love to see a doc or tv miniseries (a la "God's Warriors" series that Amanpour did?) to bring this to audiences who might not pick up her book.