Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crows in the Cold

Another doggy day at the clinic: this time there were two dogs wandering around, without leashes or apparent owners. They were very friendly, but I mean really - control your dogs, people! This is why we have leash laws.

The protesters were being quite aggressive this week, even though the Mad Chatter wasn't even there. The woman who carries poor old naked Jesus around on his cross ("The agonizing Jesus Christ", it says) was nosing around, calling out to patients and praying vociferously. Pink Hat was yelling her usual nonsense.

One of the patients, who was coming up the ramp with some volunteers, turned to the pleading protesters and said, simply, "Caw!". You know, like a crow. I guess everyone has a different way of dealing with them.

It was incredibly cold out there yesterday. AL was out for two shifts and didn't have a hat - I had to lend him mine. Which would be fine, except it's one of those animal ones (an owl!). It was ok, he looked quite adorable. (Shout out to AL - happy birthday, friend!).

There were actually some great hats on display among the escorts: TB had a cool elephant one, and HB had one apparently made out of socks. They are a fashionable bunch, those volunteers.

Hopefully this cold snap will pass soon.


Janus Bellator said...

"CAW?" LOL! I love it!

placenta sandwich said...

Leash laws, you say? Well that sounds like something the police should be able to understand...even if they're "confused" about the application of anti-public-harrassment statutes or, well, whatever you might have in lieu of the federal FACE law we have (but sadly don't benefit from in some regions) in the US.

Also, wow, I want to see a picture of those hats!

Unknown said...

Mad Chatter showed up in the last few minutes I was there. She said hi to me and I didn't say anything because I don't like her. Then she said that I could say hi to her and that she didn't bite...I'm not sure I beleive her.

Terri said...

I will certainly wear my elephant hat the next time I escort. If someone brings a camera I'm sure a photo can be arranged...

HB said...

Woo photo-op! Terri and I rock the hat scene in town, it's true.

One of the protestors who came out with The Mad Chatter was trying to be all nice and smiley to me because she wanted to know where I got the sock hat (it's a Pook toque btw). Sorry if I seem cold lady, but that "I Regret My Abortions" sign you're waving at patients doesn't really make me wanna hang out and talk about hats.

BeccaTheCyborg said...

The "CAW!" is amazing.

Also, I an envious of your owl hat. A nice wise owl suits you well.