Monday, October 19, 2009

Rainy Days and New Faces

There hasn't been much to blog about in the last couple weeks, surprisingly. The protesters continue their 40-day vigil, as the weather gets continually colder, wetter and generally yuckier. There were a couple days when some school-aged children joined the protest; some from a Catholic school and some who were home-schooled. I feel pretty bad for them, but at least now they know where the clinic is if they ever need us later.

I have three new volunteers coming this week, so that's exciting! One benefit of the extra protester presence is that it galvanizes pro-choice people into action. We get people who just drop in and ask how they can volunteer, because they were so pissed off by the protesters walking by.

I am still reading their blog, and don't know whether to find it amusing or scary. Sometimes I just find that extreme earnestness really creepy. I mean, they really believe they are, quite literally, saving babies.

I wrote a letter to the paper - I don't know if it will make it in or not, but I felt that it might be good to occasionally counter Mad Thad's lunacy. I'm not sure if the paper even wants to print my letters any more; I got really fired up about marriage equality a couple years ago, and wrote a whole bunch. But they publish crazier people than me, so maybe it'll work out.

Only two more clinic days until 40 Days for Life is over, which is a relief. Even though they are not more aggressive than usual, it will be great to not have them standing there with their stupid signs and their creepy stares any more.

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HB said...

A response from a friend who read Peter Ryan's blog entry for Sunday Oct. 18:

That is HILARIOUS! Can you imagine what everday life must be like for this guy?

Breakfast: Cheerios versus Captain Crunch. A choice between good versus evil.

Walk to Picket Line: Pigeons coo. The devil mocks me.

At the Picket Line: Why can't I see my reflection when I look into your eyes? You must be a witch!