Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rain and Awkward Moments

Yesterday's clinic was....wet. It was very, very rainy outside. Like, pouring. My poor escorts were quite soaked, and this week we went back to the two-shift system, so they were soaked for an hour and a half instead of an hour. We even had a new guy, GA. Luckily he had a good time anyway and is coming back. Hooray new blood!

The protesters were out as well, despite the rain. I was very disappointed to see they weren't wearing their matching yellow rainsuits; I guess they just weren't prepared. Or maybe they realized how silly they look. Regardless, they were there. Pink Beret was even wearing one of those little plastic rain hats over her pink beret. Why bother with the beret, you ask? Well, you'd have to ask her.

They were quite aggressive; the Holy Ghost had herself perched up on what remained of the snowbank, so she could yell at patients as they came in. One of the as yet un-nicknamed protesters, a lady holding a sign that said "All babies are precious" (or some equally nauseating nonsense), came up to a couple of the escorts (including the new guy) and said "How would you feel if your mother had aborted you?". Yeah. Think about that.

So it was a circus as usual. Inside, I had one of those awkward situations that I occasionally face, when someone I know comes in for an appointment. It is always a vague acquaintance, so I never really know how things are going to go down. This woman was awesome about it though; she greeted me right away with "oh! I didn't know you worked here!", and then we had a totally non-awkward discussion about how sick the pregnancy was making her. It was awesome, I love it when people are relaxed. Because really, it doesn't matter to me if someone I know is having an abortion, obviously, but I know for them it can be awkward. So, if you know me and you're ever coming in for an abortion, just a head's up that I would never violate your confidentiality, nor would I judge you.

Spring is in the air, friends. I have to hope that doesn't mean renewed vigour on the part of the protesters, but I fear that it might. On a positive note, it's lovely outside (when it isn't raining like crazy) and soon it will be time to start riding my bike again. Awesome.


Amy O said...

If my mom had aborted me, I believe that I would feel... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

You should call her Self-Righteous Sally or Guilt-Trippin Gertrude or the One Who is a Dumbass

BeccaTheCyborg said...

I think if my mother had aborted me, I'd feel about exactly the same as if I hadn't been born any other way. That is to say, I'd feel nothing in the slightest.