Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reflections on the anniversary - and what's next!

So, the 21st anniversary of R v. Morgentaler. I hope you are all indulging in a mid-week glass of champagne to celebrate, yes? ;) I can't help but think that this time last year I was in Ottawa, meeting amazing pro-choice activists, making new friends, and staying in a hotel room that was bigger than my apartment. And now I am cold. Just...cold.

I felt so bad for the volunteer escorts yesterday. The weather was appalling - I was frozen just walking to the clinic in the morning. They got through it though, with a combination of toe warmers and determination. I'm really hoping that it doesn't get that cold again this winter, at least not on a Tuesday. Even the protesters didn't come out until near the end of the morning, and they were so bundled I could hardly tell which was which.

It was a good clinic, though. The protesters were not only late, they were quite subdued, so all the patients made it in with no problems.

So - who is excited for the US? President Obama (eeeeeee!) has been making all kinds of exciting moves in the last week or so. Not least of all closing Guantanamo! But more specifically, repro rights stuff like rescinding the Global Gag Rule and issuing this press release on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. So awesome!! This is actually just a little teaser for the piece I'm writing for the next issue of The Activist (the ARCC newsletter), on what President Obama means to the choice movement. I am very, very excited.

I have to also say, on a totally unrelated topic, that I have recently started gumbooting with some feminist friends, and it is awesome!! I just feel very positive about it and had to share. :)

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JJ said...

Happy RvMorgentaler Day, pedgehog! Keep up the good work on the front lines!