Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mixing and Matching

It's been a fun couple weeks. We had to do a lot of rescheduling of clinics for various reasons, which hopefully has been confusing the pants off the protesters. The first week of September, we didn't have a clinic on Tuesday (the 2nd), so they were out protesting nothing, which amused me. Then we had a clinic that Friday (the 5th), so once they realized what was going on, they had to all scramble out with their signs. On Tuesday (the 9th), things were back to normal.

Friday was pretty weird - they sent out mostly the aggressive people, maybe to make up for the hour of protesting that they had lost by not being prepared for our sneakiness. There was a new woman, whom EI has christened Mean Marge, because she seems to be taking glaring lessons from Glary Mary.

At the end of the morning AL came in to let me know that one of the women was sprinkling dirt on the ground around the clinic. I'm not famailiar with Catholicism enough to know what the point of that was, but it amused me greatly.

I'm at work and a guy just called asking if we do pre-employment drug-screening urine tests. (We don't).

So Tuesday was fun too; the protesters haven't given up their tactic of sending out the meanest and most aggressive people to do their "sidewalk counselling". Crazy Legs is even back to her old tricks of throwing herself on cars. It certainly gives our new escorts some experience, which is probably the only positive thing one can say, really.

That's all the news. Check this blog out for an interesting take on actually choosing abortion - I've been reading it a lot lately.

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Anonymous said...

In voodoo, salt could be sprinkled around a building to prevent evil from entering.

Fill in the blank to make fun of the protestors.