Friday, June 13, 2008

Warming Up

So, it's been kind of a busy couple weeks, with escorts leaving and new ones coming, just like at the start of every season, it seems. I've been loving the summer at the clinic so far, because the protesters seem to be bringing back all the old favourites. With the exception of the Anger Twins, who I had hoped would be back out now that the semester is over; but then again, maybe they aren't in school at all.

Tuesday's clinic was fine. More middle-aged men than usual (protesting, I mean). A lot of them were really givin' it on the prayers, too, getting all mumbly and worked up. So awesome. They only made one patient cry though, so I guess they'll have to try harder next week.

Patients can be kind of funny sometimes. When they call to confirm their appointments, we run through a checklist of things with them, like don't wear perfume, drink lots of water, etc. One thing we don't tell them is to wear comfortable clothing, since I guess it's really up to them what to wear. To me it's kind of a no-brainer; I mean, it's a doctor's appointment, you know you're going to be up on a table with your vag in the air, why wouldn't you have something comfy to put on while you recover? And while you wait, for that matter. I mean I wouldn't show up in my pyjamas (although some people do), but I would definitely have on some kind of relax-y pants.

So every now and then we get the occasional woman who is dressed totally inappropriately for the doctor's office, or for anything besides the club, really. We had one of those on Tuesday. She breezed in over an hour late (being the last appointment of the day, this was especially annoying), wearing a LOT of perfume (not allowed! thanks), and dressed....well, she was working it. Tight little sweater, tight little shorts (shorts? really?), very high heels, and tons of makeup. Whatever; to each her own, I suppose. It's just kind of funny sometimes. What are people thinking?

The weather is lovely now, by the way. It was a bit cold and gloomy on Tuesday, but I think it should be picking up and the next few weeks will be great for the escorts (and the protesters too, I suppose, although I'm not entirely sure if they notice things like that).

Oh, one more thing, that has nothing to do with abortion. I saw the greatest bumper sticker the other day! It said something like "this car is fueled by the power of prayer". LOVE IT. Although, as the driver of the car I was in snidely pointed out, "I'm pretty sure they have to fill it with gas, too."

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