Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Trials of Air Travel

Oh, Air Canada. You trickster, you.

So I was supposed to be at the clinic this week, and then write a hilarious and wonderful blog (as always) for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, it took a whole day longer than it should have to get back here from New York. I'm not going to get into details, suffice it to say there were problems and/or delays on every single leg of the journey, including legs that were added because of said problems and delays. So I missed clinic. Which sucks, because I am going to be missing it next week as well.

I thought I would blog in the interim though, just to let you all know that I am still alive and well. While in New York I saw the Bodies Exhibition at the South Street Seaport, and I highly recommend it (there are other exhibits with similar names and themse that travel around, so see if you can catch it near you). It was a very educational look at how our bodies work, and what all the gooey insides look like.

I mention this because it was one of the few times I was away that I thought about work - there was a display of babies and fetuses that was really cool and informative. There were fetuses in every week of development. It made me understand a bit more about why people get upset about abortion, and why some doctors (including our own) decide to limit themselves to sixteen weeks and under. But on the other hand, it sure made those stupid explode-y fetus pictures look ridiculous. I mean, the thing does NOT look human. If there hadn't been labels, I would have thought it was a collection of various sized peanuts floating in jars. Anyway it was cool to see up close and personal, and gave me lots to think about.

Also, the Maritime Noon story about me (well, partly) is going to be on either Monday or Tuesday. I won't be here those days so you'll all have to figure it out for yourselves. But don't worry about me (I'm sure you were!), my lovely mother will tape it for me, I'm sure.

Looks like the snow is melting! Yay!

***Edited to add: My interview is going to definitely be on Maritime Noon (on CBC) this coming Monday, April 7th.***


Anonymous said...

Peggy please be careful with your blogs. It is my understanding the the date, time and place of the NAF conference is as confidential as possible. No need to post this.


The Pedgehog said...

Good point - sorry. Edited.

Anonymous said...

We'll miss ya, Pedge. Stay perfect.