Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pants and....yeah, that's it.

Yesterday's clinic wasn't too interesting, which might be why I put off blogging about it until today. Oh well. I brought my boyfriend, EN, along for his first shift as an escort. It was a good day for a first shift, since a lot of the regular protesters were there. Father Grim looks like he might be on the brink of another breakdown if you ask me - today he said something (I don't know what) to one of the patients and he has been looking angry and exasperated lately. I hope he catches it himself before he freaks out again.

One of the patients came out to have a smoke and we started chatting with her. She was really funny and friendly, and she had the greatest pants I've ever seen. They looked SO COMFORTABLE. I think she might have bought them outside of Canada though, so that sucks. I would love a pair of those pants.

Crazy Legs was in top form today. I love how when she comes out, she attempts to hold a sign for a few minutes, but then always gives up and hands it to someone else. She just can't stand still long enough for that. Glare-y Mary was back again, so it looks like she might become a regular feature. She likes to take a few steps, then stop and glare at us or at the clinic, then repeat. It's like a silly walk. She doesn't try to sway the patients by talking to them, the way Crazy Legs and the Holy Ghost do; she just glares at them.

No Sad Suzie today. I miss her big ol' exploded fetus sign. And that guy in the car never came back with the Supreme Court decision. I hope things pick up a bit next week!

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