Friday, May 25, 2007

Catching Up

Ok, better late than never. Tuesday morning was great, we had a couple new volunteers (both guys, which is awesome - good to get a more even mix) and the protesters were fairly quiet. We did have one incident where one of our escorts had to pretty much chase a girl down, because Crazy Legs got to her first and was herding her towards the "welcome centre". Luckily she was intercepted.

The rest of the morning went without incident. Is it too much to hope that the protesters really are settling down? Of course, as long as they stand there with their signs - even if they are silent - we'll be going after the bubble zone. The signs themselves count as harrassment if you ask me. I am not trying to go against freedom of speech, but there is also such a thing as inciting hatred. And why else are the signs there, if not to condemn the clinic staff and patients? To save the innocent babies? Yeah, that's been real effective.

I do have to say a quick word or two about the rally last Wednesday. We had a great turnout, way more people than I expected - even in the rain. Some anti-choice protesters did show up (in their matching rainsuits!) but they were quiet and respectful. Meanwhile, we chanted, marched, listened to speeches and basically just had a good time. Hopefully we got our point across. At least we received media coverage.

I just want to touch on one thing that annoys me. Sometimes at rallies (I'm sure pro-choice ones as well as anti-choice, but I would guess more often the latter) you see people with their kids. That's fine. But frequently the kids are holding signs or wearing slogan t-shirts. I find it really disgusting when people use their kids as billboards for their own political beliefs. It really ticks me off. Thoughts?

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