Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Slow Day

So today was pretty slow at the ol' baby-killing factory (ha ha). I was out back all shift and only escorted a few people. The protesters were quiet and well-behaved, and the women coming in were fine; no cryers or anything.

I did want to take this opportunity to point out that tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 11) is the Silent No More: Speak Out for Choice event at the law school. This event is open for everyone, is free, and people from either side of the debate are welcome. The guest speaker is Heather Mallick, and the topic is New Brunswick's (and Canada's) reproductive rights policies (or lack thereof). It's at Ludlow Hall (on the UNB campus) at 7pm. Spread the word!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious ... what's your opinion on "anti-choice" vs. "pro-life"?

Do you think one is more appropriate than the other, depending on the context, or is "pro-life" ever truly accurate? And what's your thoughts on those who use "anti-life" terminology?

I ask because it's always a HUGE debate in what to use in articles (though most journalists I know -- myself include -- tend to use both "pro" terms.)

The Pedgehog said...

Good question! I just think the term "pro-life" is kind of ridiculous, since really, everyone is pro life. I think the main point of the term is to imply that people on the other side are somehow anti-life.

I think the issue is about choice - most people wish that abortions didn't have to happen, just some people think the woman should be able to choose, and others think she shouldn't. Hence, pro-choice and anti-choice.

I really don't mind the "pro-life" term, I just find "anti-choice" more accurate. As for "anti-life", that's completely ridiculous. No one wants abortions to be legal because they hate babies and want them to die.